Security alert– the current connection is over unsecured data transmission. This means that the data you enter on this website may be captured by unauthorized third parties.

Connection Insecure

How to secure this connection:

place before the website address the https:// prefix (example: )
Contact the server

Remember the basic safety rules:

Before you enter your personal details or credit card details on the website, check whether:

  1. the website address - - on which you are connected starts with „https://” 1) and not „http”https:// - signifies a protocol providing safe connection http:// - signifies a protocol not providing safe connection
  2. the padlock in the address bar or browser bar means that the connection with the given website is encrypted.
  3. after clicking the padlock the information on the successful verification of the website's identity and on the data encryption will emerge (which will prevent any eavesdropping).

In order to ensure the highest level of trust and security, make sure that:

  1. The address of the website which you are currently visiting is:
  2. The SSL certificate connection status for this page is secure
Date and time of status verification: 2022-07-07T14:12:21Z